A Restaurant Reinterpreting Classic & Modern and European & Asian Natures

Park Joonwoo, a celebrated food columnist, tells K-Style Lab about his newly opened restaurant-dessert café.

On Tuesday January 17th, restaurants, ‘Alter Ego’ and cafe ‘Autrui’ were newly opened at 188-80, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. They are basically expansions of my cafe ‘Aux Petits Verres’ and wine bar ‘Aux Grands Verres’ that I have been operating since appearing at Master Chef Korea 2012.  Running a twenty-six square meter space had its limitation; so I found a larger open space in Yeonhui-dong instead, placing the dessert café on the 1st floor and restaurant on the 2nd floor.

1.  The entrance of ‘Alter Ego’ & ‘Autrui’
2. The cozy atmosphere of Alter Ego’s dining space
3. Chef ‘Park Joonwoo’

‘Alter Ego’ offers European cuisine based on Franco-Belge delicacies. Course menus vary from KRW 88,000, KRW 100,000K to 120,000. On special occasions, menus costing KRW 69,000 and 180,000 can be prepared with advance reservation. The menu changes every season, that is four times a year; each seasonal menu will be called ‘Chapitre’, not common terms such as ‘season’ or ‘episode’.

4. Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s cold entrée; fromage blanc, herb-coulis with a fresh oyster
5. Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s entrée chaude; shrimp quenelle with mussel cream and celery foam
6. Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s fish dish; monkfish & liver purée, leek and wheat cooked with butter

7.  Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s meat dish; Korean beef sirloin steak with orange endive
8.  Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s dessert; fresh strawberry with its foam and rhubarb compote
9.  Alter Ego Chapitre 1’s petits fours; crème brûlée with a madeleine
10. Interior of cafe ‘Autrui’

‘Autrui’ is a sister store of ‘Alter Ego’. It is also offering classic Franco-Belge recipe, including croissants, quiches, and various other dessert items. In addition to that, ‘Aux Petits Verres’s steady seller lemon, chocolate, and fruit tarts will be offered as well.

11.  Quiche, pound cake, chouquette, madeleine and croissant of ‘Autrui’
12. Autrui’s chocolate tart
13. Autrui’s white chocolate & raspberry mousse cake

  188-80 Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  Monday - Saturday 10:30 – 22:30 (Closed on Sunday)
  +82 2-336-1898
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