Scents of Four Seasons

The fragrance created by the sense of a photographer is particularly unique as it transforms the scent into the visual experience.

An acclaimed Korean photographer who is known for his landscape and portrait photography, Ahn Woongchul launched a perfume collection called AN (after his last name Ahn) in collaboration with Le Plein. Le Plein also introduced Ryan McGinley as a part of their Artist Signature Scent Project a few years ago.



Inspired by the forest Gotjawal on the Halla Mountain in Jeju Island, ‘AN'[ahn] is infused with scents representing each of four seasons in Gotjawal. “Gotjawal Forest is musical; winds, birds chirping, they are all musical instruments. And I smell the scent of the forest. It’s the scent of reminiscence that evokes memories of someone I loved”, said the photographer.



The photographer who defies the photographs to remain just photographs regularly issued music albums inspired by Iruma’s piano pieces, and now created four fascinating fragrances representing four seasons of the Gotjawal Forest. The photographer was personally involved in compounding the chemical formula of No. 1 “Winter” in his collection.

‘AN’[ahn], the fragrance inspired by the forest Gotjawal in Jeju Island