A Sweet Temptation in Garosu-gil

‘Garosu-gil’ means a road (‘gil’) lined with trees (‘garosu’). It is a tree-bordered street in south part of Seoul’s Shinsa-dong neighborhood. If you go one more block beyond the street, you may find small cozy alleys filled with famous restaurants and stores. There’s a dessert place I would dearly recommend.

‘Remicone’ is an ice cream shop offering interesting mix of delights. Their ice creams are served with fluffy cotton candy toppings. The interior of the shop is also notable. Based in industrial design, it certainly is eye-catching. Despite its location, being tucked inside the small alleyway, the regular crowd always shuffles in.


The shop is a tiny set-up with only several tables and a few bar stools at the counter. You will notice the cotton candy machine at the corner of the counter. Choose your ice cream flavour between ‘vanilla’ or ‘salted caramel’, and pick a topping of your liking to complete the order. There are also featured sets called ‘ready-mix’ (the name of the shop is ‘Remicone’, you get it?).


Customers who visit the shop for the first time are suggested to try ‘Thunder Bomb’, which sets cinnamon flavoured gray candy floss on top. Its delightful smell will take you back to the childhood memory in an amusement park.

  547-12 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  Daily from 11:00 - 22:00
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A Sweet Temptation in Garosu-gil


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