Unpredicted Harmony in the Intended Contrast

Situated across the stream where the water into ripples breaks and sparkles as it spreads, “Image de la vie” is a store and showroom curated by the acclaimed fashion designer Moon Younghee, who’s been active in Paris fashion scene over two decades.

The gallery is located in Seorae Maeul Village, the home for many French expatriates in Korea. The village is heavily influenced by French culture and has been attributed to its habitants over one hundred years embracing French atmospheric environment.

Entering the gallery, it would appear to be an interior space that belongs to a French studio reflecting Deconstructivism. It’s decorated with the vintage French furniture, arts and interior props in a modern architectural layout. The store showcases new collections of a rising fashion designer Kim Moohong, Moon Younghee’s son.

Kim studied Political Science but grew to be one of the most successful second-generation fashion designers in Korea. His design is partly inspired by his mother’s design heritage and aesthetics yet united with the zeitgeist rooted in his political view. The result is the revolutionary looks with a unique silhouette. The mixture of the exquisite interior props selected by a renowned fashion designer and racks of rugged masculine wardrobes designed the street philosopher, such contrast and the unpredictable harmony are delightfully entertaining.

  Banpo-dong 107-7, Seocho-gu, Seoul
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Unpredicted Harmony in the Intended Contrast


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