Two New Models from Devil’s Runway

Fashion has an insatiable appetite for “cool models,” and there are two models that everyone in Korea’s fashion scene is noticing. Lee Myung-Gwan is the latest in a long line of nonchalant male models with idiosyncratic looks: A fashion designer Kwon Munsoo described him as a boy who seemingly popped out of the cartoon. Lee was a contestant of a Korean reality television series called Devil’s Runway (on ‘OnStlyle’ channel), in early this year, and was chosen the winner at the final week. He had been thus portrayed in the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine on May issue.

He wasn’t noticed at the beginning of the show under the shadow of fellow competitors who had unmistakable presence, but had gradually gained popularity as he proved his talent throughout the fierce competition. He signed the contract with a model agency ESTEEM as he won the competition. He plays the piano, and received a spotlight as his piano performance was aired on the program.

He was featured on a number of stages during 2017 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week (held from October 18) including Kwon Munsoo, Custommellow, A. AV. , 99% is Bajou, UL:KIN, THE SIRIUS.


Se Hee Kim, despite her young age, also made her model debut trough Devil’s Runway. Unquestionably adorable with baby doll charm, and a perfectly proportioned body, she was one of the top three finalists on the program, and brought an impressive confidence to her work on stage. She proved herself capable of inspiring photographers with her unique beauty with exceptionally long legs.


TV show host, Hong Seok-Chun highly praised her with the perfectly poised and proportional body as truly the best. He added that “It is the first time I’ve admired a female model since Hye Jin Han. She possesses incredible dance skills and versatile talents that immediately attracted the public attention.

She appeared on stages during 2017 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week for the likes of Big Park, Yohanix, Bmuet, Kye, Dohn Hahn, Miss Gee Collection. She was appealing on the runway and continues to appear on more stages including 99% is – Bajou, JWL, BNB21- Park Jeong-sang and Choi Jung-min’s show.

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Two New Models from Devil’s Runway




Two New Models from Devil’s Runway


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